Video Management Software

Stable, versatile, easy to operate feature rich 64-bit architecture top performing
VMS backed with superior service.

Easy to Configure Open Platform Video Management Software

Wavesys WVMS

Wavesys WVMS is a cross-platform, lightning fast, easy-to-use IP video management system (VMS) for discovering, viewing, recording and managing IP cameras so that critical events can be monitored, analysed and reacted to instantly.

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Wavesys WVMS has arrived

Video wall, Failover, archive replication and more.

Advantages of Wavesys VMS

The Wavesys WVMS is an easy-to-use, easy-to-install, simple-to-maintain video surveillance solution and works Exactly what you’d expect.

Support Multi brand camera & Devices

With Wavesys WVMS , you can discover more than 5000 camera models of other manufacturers and 1500 + devices.

Enterprise Ready

With its central server hierarchy, failover, archive replication and many more improvements, it’s the ideal system for large scale solution.

Time Tested Performance

The quality and stability of software’s core has been proved, and is backed up by Wavesys’ fifteen years of experience and continuous development

Integration & API

Enhance your Video management with a vast range of integration possibilities Of third party software.

64-Bit Core

Using the full power of hardware for efficient software architecture.


Constant monitoring of the status of all servers and failover management from the central server.

Powerful Analytics tool

New modules for advanced video analytics along with face and licence plate recognition

Archive Replication

Advanced mirror recording with scheduled transfers ensures your data is always safe.

Event and Action manager

Automated video surveillance process using the alarm and action manager.

Video Wall

Wavesys video wall offers improved configuration and functionality as well as the ability to easily manage large display installation.

Video Content Analytics

Exploit the full potential of your video management system with video content analytics to enhance security and safety.


Make full use of the multicast environment by transmitting to different destination devices.

How Wavesys WVMS Works

WVMS Server

Stability and speed are guaranteed by our Server app’s discovery and management of resources.

Developer Tools

SDKs and HTTP REST Server APIs are available to integrate video analytics, storage, and devices, among other functions.

WVMS Desktop

With our Desktop app, you can create your own view of the world based on speed, usability, and flexibility.

Instant Integration

Integrate any 3rd party system or device via API calls by sending and receiving HTTP requests.

WVMS Mobile

The mobile app allows you to view and control your cameras anytime, anywhere thanks to its low-latency and user- friendly interface.

WVMS alert

WVMS is integrated with business app like Telegram to send alert & video footage link to Private or public group or specific individual

Support for Hundreds of IP Camera Manufacturers

Wavesys WVMS software automatically discovers More than 5000 of IP cameras modules and 15000 + devices from hundreds of manufacturers with features like advanced PTZ control, edge based analytics as well as server based analytics , universal fisheye dewarping, two-way audio and I/O support in order to support your preferred camera vendor.

15000 +

Supported Devices

5000 +

Camera Models

100 +