Wavesys IP Access Control Software

No matter what the size of your organization, the desire to protect people and goods inside and outside has become a fundamental idea, proving the need for security systems such as Access Control. Additionally, This Wavesys Access Control software offers total mobility, since its platform provides seamless connectivity to the system through any computer, mobile device, or navigator that has an internet connection. Combined with SDK, Metadata, On-screen Displays or Data Banks, it is an open architecture solution that allows integration with a wide range of other systems.


Secure Any Property

We offer automatic software updates, compliance with industry standards, flexibility, security, and no capital expenditures. It is imperative to have a watertight access control system in place for corporations with a large number of employees,freelancers and locations. You can update or delete access rights instantly when you update access control system from anywhere


System flexibility can be enhanced by adding one IP controller to hundreds or thousands, one at a time. Whether you are a small company or a global corporation with installations across the globe, Wavesys Access control software is highly scalable.

High Level Lift Integration

Access control systems and elevator systems can be integrated to control floor access through a High Level Interface (HLI). With a destination lift system integrated into the building, doors can be restricted based on a person’s access privileges, improving security and providing a smoother traffic flow for people in the building. By using Wavesys access control software, administrators can control lift usage and improve security by defining open and closed floors for public access and single lift calls for identified people.

Mobile Apps

With Wavesys Access Control Software, tenants and visitors benefit from the most advanced in VMS technology, facial recognition, and license plate recognition. Through the app, visitors can send photos, license plate numbers, and other credentials before their application is approved by the tenant.


  • Video/CCTV camera Integration
  • Face Recognition Verification
  • Licence Plate recognition Verification
  • Desfire encrypted password verification
  • UHF encrypted password verification
  • Dynamic QR code Varification
  • Peer to peer Communication
  • Seamless integration
  • Total scalability of LAN/WAN
  • Programmable functions, such as alarm entry control, elevator control, controller downloads and uploads, multilevel local and global antipassback, integration with fire systems, grouping of escape routes, door security clearance, import and export utilities, etc.
  • Off- the- shelf, pre-formatted multiple integrations, such as real-time video and CFTV reproduction, LPR Systems, etc.
  • Multiple layers of maps with interactive icons
  • Alarm recognition and treatment
  • Scheduled times for door clearance
  • Send emails and SMS to selected users
  • Multiple card formats and facility codes
  • Flexible commands for card users such as temporary access level (shift changes) and provisional cards, card lock, penalties, card and event tracking, Double custody of access cards, etc
  • Optional guard patrol system, alarm monitoring, I/Os control, multi-level locker and rack control