By means of "liveness" testing, spoofing can be prevented without the use of a stereo or 3D camera.
From existing still images or directly from a video camera, faces can be added to the database.

To find matches, Wavesys facial recognition software searches an existing database of faces and compares them
with the ones detected in the scene. This technology matches faces stored in the database with faces identified
by the camera - as many as at the same time which is based on DNN technology.

Facial Recognition

The Wavesys Face Recognition system for WVMS Professional and Enterprise servers offers biometric identification and authentication.

Wavesys Facial recognition system is wildly used for security and enforcement applications. It is also ideally suit for human resource control applications.

Wavesys facial Recognition system works on store recognized faces images on local or central is not hardware dependant is also works with age, sentiment, gender and ethnicity estimations.

Why Wavesys Face Recognition?

Fast, AI-based
Face Recotgnition

The perfect product for access control applications, whether on server or in-camera. Identify persons of interest and unwanted persons

Anti-Spoofing and No Gender/Race Bias

Works with age, sentiment, gender, and ethnicity estimation to ensure no built-in bias.

Highly Accurate Facial Recognition

High accuracy in tests using YouTube, LFW, and Megaface. Tuneable confidence level and continuous training

Key Features

Quick and simple installation with a ready-to-go database
DNN Technology
based database
Solution support
Multiple cameras
Customised actions for triggered Faces


Other Features

  • Not dependent on hardware (any cameras, any GPU)
  • Search and register faces quickly & Conveniently
  • Live video processing of multiple faces at the same time
  • Works on Store recognized faces images on local or central database
  • Streams live and recorded video from Wavesys servers
  • Stream video from multiple Wavesys servers with no limits
  • Easy installation with a ready-to-use database
  • Adaptable to changes in appearance, skin tone, and facial expression
  • Works with age, sentiment, gender, and ethnicity estimation
  • Seamlessly integrate with Wavesys server and 3rd party services

Licence Specification


Licence Options

Maximum number of faces in the subjects' database

Maximum number of simultaneously connected servers

Maximum number of simultaneously connected channels

from 100 to 10 000 000, or unlimited



Hardware Specification


Licence Options

Number of video streams






2 CPU cores 2.4GHz+, AVX/AVX2 support mandatory


1 Gb per 1000 recognition results

MS Windows 64bit versions only (no 32bit OS support) Editions: Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019