Smooth Functioning of The Railways Supported By a Reliable Network

Almost every country in the world has a well-established railway infrastructure and depends on it for several operations. The type of railway transport might vary from high-speed rail systems, inter-city rails, regional or commuter trains, to trams and light rails. But the intent of the system is to offer a pleasant and worry-free ride to travellers.

Wavesys Global offers a range of networking solutions for comprehensive infrastructure planning and smooth operations of the railways, such as Onboard, Wayside, and Train-to-Ground networking solutions.


The onboard application that requires EN 50155 standard is consolidated with TCN (Train Communication Network), CCTV, PIS (Passenger Information System), and Passenger Wi-Fi. The power consumption with all these systems is quite high and to manage this we offer EN 50155 PoE Ethernet Switches with up to 240W total PoE output, 30W per PoE port.


This application sends and receives data from and to trains and ground facilities. It is used for wireless communication and carries both vital and non-vital data. We offer both Ethernet switches and wireless devices for the management of all the exchanged data.


This application is especially for signalling and communication and it requires EN 50121-4 standard application. Our EN 50155 ethernet switches offer extensive Gigabit ethernet and 10G fiber-optic connectivity enabling the collection of data and sending it back to the control center. With waterproof IP67 protection and a vast range of operating temperatures, EN50155 and EN 50121-4 possess the capability of allowing the integration of multiple track equipment, signal, and control network into a single network.