High-Power PoE To Simplify All IP Surveillance Deployment struggles.

Securing property, facilities, and lives is crucial for any setup, big or small. City utilities and industry sectors have of-late been establishing IP surveillance systems to ensure enhanced safety and security of these. IP Surveillance systems designed for utilities normally consist of cloud storage for video footage, LPR cameras, security cameras with video analytics features, and networks to facilitate flexible data transmission. But, with the world speeding towards complete digitization, IP surveillance systems are unavoidably turning complex and powerful.

Addressing The High-Power Requirement of The Day

Technology has grown and established itself strongly in the past few decades helping and simplifying the struggles of establishments in ways unimaginable. However, there still are challenges like the need for high power (over 30W) in surveillance devices such as the PTZ IR. The high power demands can indeed be fulfilled by selecting AC-DC power adapters, but it isn’t as simple- especially additional electrical outlets and power cable splicing need to be accommodated into small areas.

The most advanced technology has now found a solution even to this problem and even made the high power per switch port more reliable and cost effective. We, at Wavesys, offer complete IEEE 802.3bt PoE product lines along with Ethernet switches that are industrially managed, Ethernet switches that are unmanaged and PoE media converters.

Wavesys Offerings for Effective Management of PoE

The reliable high-power output solution offered by Wavesys has some unique design features like Safe PoE Disable, PD Remote Reset Technology (PRRT), PoE Power Budget, and Ping Alive and PoE Schedule that help users manage and troubleshoot their PoE with ease.

Safe PoE Disable

Using high-power PoE (802.3bt) on a PoE connection that is worn away will only worsen the case. Our Safe PoE Disable feature (TW Pat: I707559) lets users switch each PoE port’s power output on/ off with just a flip while protecting the 802.3bt PoE products.

PRRT (PD Remote Reset Technology)

Adopting media converters or fibre switches to connect remotely installed networks and cameras to powered devices (PD) such as PoE cameras, although feasible, will call for excessive troubleshooting time and manpower investment when the PDs become unresponsive, especially if the devices are located at remote unmanned locations and there is no management software to control the PoE power cycle to reset the PDs.

A complete solution to eliminate this issue is offered by Wavesys Global. Our solution with the ‘PRRT’ technology is cost and time-effective and assures highly satisfactory system performance and user experience. Our remote device will let you reset the PoE port with great ease. Simply replug the fibre link to your data centre equipment and our remote equipment will switch the PoE off and then back on to reboot the connected PDs.

PoE Power Budget

Using high-power PoE (802.3bt) on a PoE connection that is worn away will only worsen the With this feature, the administrators will be able to allocate power to each IP camera in moderation. This will help in minimizing electricity wastage and save costs in return..

Ping Alive

This feature enables switch to check if the connected PD (such as IP cameras) is functional. If the device is found unresponsive, the switch has the ability to automatically reboot the PD.

PoE Schedule

It lets administrators hold definitive control over the operating time of PoE power output from PoE ports through the web GUI. This helps in optimising use of energy.